Quick Lightroom tip

July 25, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

If you use Lightroom to process your images, here is a valuable little tip... With each Catalog you create make sure you have "Automatically write changes into XMP" switched on - you can find it in the Lightroom "file" menu under "Catalog settings" under the "Metadata" tab - see screenshot. Make sure the box (I have highlighted it in red) is ticked.

write changes xmpwrite changes xmp

I feel this is such an important element of Lightroom that I am baffled that it is not on by default!

When this option is ticked, any changes you make to the RAW file in Lightroom are saved in the xmp sidecar files that are saved with the original RAW files - they are only a few kb in size so they won't clog up your hard drive.

If, like me you outsource your photo editing, you only need to change these updated xmp sidecar files and update Lightroom to see the changes the photo editor has made for you! 

It will also save you time should your Catalog become corrupt or Lightroom crashes - all the work will be recorded in the xmp files so all you need to do is import these files along with the matching original RAW files back into Lightroom and all the adjustments and edits you previously made will still be safe.


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