Happy Birthday iPhone

January 09, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

On this day, 9th January, 6 years ago, Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone at the Macworld Convention in San Francisco. It was a revolutionary design and was packed with new and exciting features. The thing that really shocks me is that this was ONLY 6 years ago - iPhone feels like it has been around forever but it really is only a baby in terms of tech.

I remember seeing the iPhone for the first time - it was whilst lying in a hospital bed with a fractured arm in November 2007, shortly after they where first available in the UK. A young junior Doctor was showing it off to the nurses. It looked so cool - I wanted one!

And "cool" seems to be missing from the latest Apple product launches of late. They really do miss Steve Jobs. Here is the full keynote presentation by Jobs - it is funny to hear the audience get so excited about features we really do take for granted now.

It is also a reminder of how brilliant a public speaker Steve Jobs was....


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