Product Photography - Bake NI

December 01, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

I didn't have to travel very far to complete my latest commercial photography job.

My wife Patricia started her career in the hotel business as a pastry chef and still enjoys baking and cooking up little treats for us.

Recently she has been asked by more and more people to produce them commercially and  has started showing her work at local Craft Fairs. She also started a Facebook page to help promote her product range.

And of course she needed photographs for the page! So to help gather brownie points I of course offered my services!

When she was packaging up her Christmas Treats for a recent Craft Fair I set up a mini studio in our kitchen to photograph the tasty treats.

It really is a wonder how I maintain my slim athletic figure with all these lovely treats about the house :-)

Here is a little slideshow of all her tasty treats - My favourite is the homemade strawberry flavour Marshmallow - yum!!!


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